Competition work

Peacock inspired lash art beautiful Russian volume 4-5D lashes for compensation 2018

Black and white fantasy lash art competition top 10 March 2018

Fantasy lash art back and white march 2018 Russian volume 8 to 13mm cc and do curl black and white

Black and white fantasy lash art

Fairy tale lash art January 2018 Lash style magazine

Fairy tale lash art Russian volume 8 9 10 11 white pink and mink pink with beading and bottom lashes

Fantasy lash art

Old toy maker Christmas lashes

Christmas fantasy lash art competition 2017 Beautiful red gold and green lashes with sparkle

Fantasy lash art competition lash festival top 10 Autumn lashes

Orange brown and yellow lashes c curl autumn fantasy lash art

Summer fantasy lash art 2017 competition lash style magazine entry

Summer butterfly fantasy lash art

Black Russian volume lashes with a flash of blue, pink and purpel

Spring fantasy lash art lash style magazine 2017

Spring fantasy lash art Russian volume 2-3D pink purple and whit blossom

Christmas fantasy lash art 2016 ice queen snow lashes

Christmas fantasy lash art 2016 Russian volume and a flash of ice bless and white with snow flake accessories