Beauty Treatments Price List

Eyelash Extensions
Ineividual Eyelash Extensions classic
Give you thicker longer lashes no need for mascara Last up to 6weeks, Lash infill's needed every 3weeks based on life style
Cashmere ellipse Lashes
Get a thicker looking natural lash,last last up ro 6weeks infills needed every 3 weeks depending on lifestyle
Mink Eyelsah Extensions
Light velvet feel,last up to 6 weeks, lash infills needed every 3weeks bastd on life style
Russian volume
Soft light wight lashes 0.7 0.5 hand made fans up to 8 lashes applied to a natural lash
Cluster Flair Lashes
soft feather lashes, applied to top row of lashes, weekend lashes
Eyelash Extension Infills
Replacing and refreshing the lash extensions
Cashmere lash infills
Replacing and refreshing the lash extensions
Mink or silk infills
Replacing and refreshing the lash extensions
Russian volume infills
Replacing and refreshing the lash extensions
Eyelash extension removal
Professional removal to avoid any damage to the natural lashes
Eyebrow Tinting
Defines shape no need for eyebrow pencil
Eyelash Tinting
Defines eye arear darkens naturall lash colour
Eyebrow Wax
Underarm Wax
Half Leg Wax
Full Leg Wax
Top lip wax,Chin, sides wax
Bikini wax
Spray Tanning
full body spray tan Crazy Angel
upper body
Tanning products to purchase from the butterfly room
Self tanning lotion,cream,spray, mouse, gradual tan, tanning oil, body scrub, tan extender, gift packages
Brow design
Brow extensions, tint and wax
Brow extensions applied to the brow to thicken and fill the natural brow. Along with tint wax and shape
Brow powder
After any brow treatment powder or gell can be applied
Just brow extensions
A few extension can be applied to any brow treatment to just neaten and define the natural brow shape